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The World's Simplest Fantasy Game


We've compiled these frequently asked questions and answers to help you with common issues while using Last 2 Left. We hope you find what you're looking for!

General Questions

General Answers

How much does it cost to play?
Totally free. Keep the credit card in your wallet.
How much can I win?
Sorry guys and gals, we don’t offer any prizes. But, when do do win, we'll feature you on the Home page and several other main pages (Make sure you've updated you Profile Page). We also track overall wins and Correct 2 predictions on our Leaderboard page. Feel free to gloat in the Forums and Talk Back area of the game or forward a link to your friends to show off your accomplishment. The pages print out nicely, so feel free to post on the ‘fridge. In the future, we may have a general area displaying and congratulating all winners.
When I click on players' names, I see some have photos, links to My Space pages and messages. How do I do that?
After logging in, click on My Account. This link will appear right by your username under the main navigation. Once your on the My Account page, click on the Profile link. You can now add a photo, text, links to your favorite websites, link to a video and declare your favorites. You can make these same items appear on all your Extra Player Profile pages as well or customize each of those too. When you're done, click the unique link to check your page. You can also post this link on your other personal pages or message boards.
My friends and I all play fantasy football. Why should I play Last 2 Left?
Not all people can take on a second job like the time some fantasy games require. Last 2 Left is a single game format that is played generally the same way for a variety of events. It literally only requires that you to make 3 choices. It takes little time for a great deal of excitement. Make sure you click and visit our Why Play page (link in the footer of every page) to see all the benefits of playing or starting your own game.
Is this a gambling site?
No. This is intended for good, clean fun. If you’re looking for gambling, there are plenty of other websites out there. Vegas is also nice this time of year.
Do you guys know Simon Cowell? How about Donald Trump?
Sadly, we do not. Although, we’d be happy to “do lunch.” As stated in our Terms of Service and in our page footer, we are not affiliated with any owner, producer, or broadcaster of the events listed here. We have not been asked, nor are we currently paid, to promote these events but we’re happy if this helps them in any way.
How does this website make money?
Uhhhmmm, well, it doesn’t really. We dreamt up this game format sometime ago and decided it would be best played online. As we made this pretty website, we then thought that maybe other people would like it too. The next thing you know, we had to have security, policies and this amusing FAQ section. We do have some 3rd party advertisers but that doesn’t amount to much. Regardless, we hope you like our games.
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