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The World's Simplest Fantasy Game

Why Play Last 2 Left?

New to Last 2 Left? Here’s some quick notes as to why you’ll want to play or start your own, private game.

Benefits for a Player:

  • Simple. Last 2 Left is a very simple game format to understand. Just make 2 selections that you believe will be the final 2 contestants in the given event. Lastly, select your overall champion as a tie breaker.
  • Requires little time. Unlike fantasy, pick’em and suicide pools, the Last 2 Left format requires very little time. With a maximum of 3 deadlines, it doesn’t become your second job.
  • One Format. The Last 2 Left format is applied exactly the same to very differing events. So, if you learn by playing an American Idol game, jumping over to golf, football or the Apprentice is a snap.
  • Public Learning. Each game offered has a public version where anyone can join. This is a great place to learn.
  • Free. No need to dig out the credit card.

Benefits for a Game Manager:

  • Easy to Explain. Last 2 Left is a very simple game to explain and all the details and rules are carefully provided to you and your players.
  • Mass Appeal. With so many different types of events, it’s easy to appeal to many types of people. Therefore, attracting people to join your game is easy.
  • It’s Never too late. Unlike many office pools, you don’t have to start Last 2 Left before a season or event starts. In fact, staggered deadlines during the season or event are encouraged.
  • Simple to Run. This website will do most of the work for you, from inviting players, scoring, declaring a winner, enforcing deadlines, to email alerts for players about to miss deadlines, managing players contact information and more.
  • Secure. With SSL encryption, login and passwords, and a detailed Privacy Policy, your game is safe here.
  • All online. No software to buy or install.
  • Free. Again, keep the credit card in your wallet.
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