About Last 2 Left

Last 2 Left is patented fantasy game format applied to sports, reality TV and any tournament we choose to include. Our games are 100% free to play and manage. The Last 2 Left game system and properties are owned and operated by dot Holdings, LLC. 

Suggestions and Feedback

We hope that you are enjoying Last 2 Left! We always want to hear your feedback to make your experience even better. If you have ideas to improve Last 2 Left or would like to request that we offer a specific game, please use our Request Help Form.

Media and PR Inquiries

If you represent a publication, media company, reality TV show, sports entity, or a celebrity, please communicate directly to us via management@last2left.com

Letter from the Founder

I've always liked playing and managing sports office pools and would often tweak existing formats by adding a rule of my own, just to make them better and different. I even created a simple game for the very first season of the reality show “Survivor.”

However, I've always stayed away from fantasy baseball and football leagues because the time commitment and deadlines were more work than fun. I just wanted a super simple football game that let me make a few quick picks without having to deal with constant deadlines. This fueled my idea of simply picking the two teams to reach the Super Bowl and then picking the champion as a tiebreaker. Three picks and you're done. Simple, right? Well, it's actually pretty hard to predict this correctly so I then created a bunch of tiebreaker rules. And so, Last 2 Left was born. 

I realized that this wasn't just for football. I could apply it to all types of sports. And in the true spirit of fantasy sports, it could be used for individual player activities, like the week’s leading passers or the month’s leading basketball scorers. My "light bulb moment" was when I realized that this format was perfect for reality TV contest shows since they always come down to the last two contestants. I then began to explore other uses for my format, such as stock markets, elections, and all types of tournaments. One game format for unlimited applications.

I've spent several years researching and developing my idea by building beta websites and Facebook applications to test a variety of game topics and variations. In the process, Last 2 Left attracted over of 150,000 registered players. During this test phase, I was also granted two patents to protect my ideas.

With proven interest and patents in place, our team has now developed an iPhone app and a new responsive website allowing members to play Last 2 Left on any device. With a goal of creating an even better experience, we are currently working on features that will take this far beyond what you see today.

I hope you enjoy what I've created (so far).

Dave Sonn
Creator of Last 2 Left