Last 2 Left News

Introducing... Contests!

Since the early days of Last 2 Left, members have wanted to win prizes without having to pay a fee, or have to buy something, or risk their own money. Therefore, we are very excited to unveil the newest dimension of Last 2 Left - Contests!

You will notice under Menu, both in the app and web versions, a new section called Contests. This area will eventually include all types of sweepstakes and contests but for our initial rollout we are beginning with just one type of hybrid contest-sweepstakes called, Winners Contests.

The Winners Contest format will be applied to certain Last 2 Left game topics such as Fantasy Quarterbacks, The Bachelor, Top Chef, and many other reality TV and sports games. Entering a winners contest is very easy. Simply join any designated game and you’ll be prompted to enter this contest. If you win a game that had 10 or more entries, you are automatically entered in a random drawing to win a cash prize. You can make up to ten entries per contest and it's completely free, no purchase necessary to enter. Nor do you need to add credit card information like some "free" contests require.

You can check out available Winners Contests here.

So, why are we offering free contests and giving away our money?

  • To reward our loyal members who have been asking for prizes.
  • To create even more value, interest and suspense in our Last 2 Left games.
  • To encourage more game participation. The more players, the more fun the games are.
  • To entice members to create their own games and encourage friends to play.

For now, Last 2 Left is funding all cash prizes. We hope that very active member participation will attract sponsors so that we can offer much larger prizes and a variety of other types of contests and sweepstakes. 

Enjoy our contests and good luck!! Feedback is always welcome.

SPECIAL NOTE: All winners are verified and alerted via email, requiring a response within 24 hours. Make sure your account uses a valid email account that you check often.