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New Last 2 Left iPhone App Version 2.1 Released and Website Updated

Last 2 Left, the world's simplest fantasy game for sports and reality TV, has just released an upgraded iPhone app, version 2.1, and made comparable website updates.

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App Version 2.1 and the website upgrades include:

Private Games made easier!
Private games are now easier to create and join in that passwords are no longer needed. Game privacy is maintained by backend technology so that users don't have to worry about it. This change has been made to both the app and website.

Joining Games made easier!
When you receive a link to join a game, our updated technology will bring you right to the screen to make your picks even if you have to first login or create an account. No more feeling lost. This change has been made to both the app and website.

Invite friends from your Address Book!
While this isn't a new app feature, we've updated and bug fixed the option to select people from your iPhone's address book and invite them to your game via email. Try it!

Contests are quicker to find!
In the app, we've moved Contests to the lower tray navigation so that in one tap you can see all the open contests you can enter. We've also added tabbed navigation so you can quickly view contests that are in progress and who won past contests.

Under Menu, we've better organized the sections under Help, About and Legal. You may have noticed that we've removed the main News section. We no longer have sports and reality TV news and instead have a single Last 2 Left News section for content like this.

Remember that you can earn points and boost your rank by inviting friends via your own personal link found under Menu > the People section: Invite People

We hope you enjoy Last 2 Left even more! If there are other features or games that you want considered for the future, please submit your feedback via the Request Help form.