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Showing Game Managers some Love

They're called office pool managers, fantasy league commissioners and probably a host of other names when things don't go right. These are the people who take the initiative to create something fun for the rest of us - the backbone of all fantasy games and office pools everywhere. They have the thankless job of setting up games, carefully explaining rules in kindergarten terms, and then must become master marketers to attract and convince enough players to make the games competitive and fun. And if by chance there are fees and/or a prize, they get to track down the delinquents like a bounty hunter.

So today, we dedicate this post to thank and recognize those people who take on the work so the rest of us can have fun. THANK YOU, GAME MANAGERS for all you do!!

At Last 2 Left, we recognize that game managers are super valuable to our community and should be rewarded. Therefore, we factor in this effort when calculating Member Rank and assign value that elevates the status of our game managers. 

Every time a game manager creates a Last 2 Left game and attracts 10 our more entries, we reward them with a point for each. Points earned, relative to all other members, is how Rank and Tier Groups are determined. Game Managers can easily earn a great deal of points and be recognized for their initiative with a higher Rank, a better Tier Group, an upward trending arrow and higher visibility in the Top Ranked lists.

Our system has the game manager in mind. The game setup is very simple and includes tools to easily invite connections (by Pod) and players from past games. Our iPhone app includes the handy feature to invite players from the phone's contact list. Invitations can also be sent to email addresses and the game link is provided so that it can be easily posted in social media.

Once the game gets underway, Last 2 Left takes over with automated deadline alerts, picks revealed, scoring updates and declaring the winner. Our system does all the work so our game managers don't have to. We've also removed the barrier of game management fees as it's 100% free to create and run Last 2 Left games.

Game Managers matter to us and should be recognized by all. So if you've ever thought about managing a game, now there's more reasons to give it a try.