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Tips: The power of "10"

While "two" is at the core of Last 2 Left, "10" also plays an important role. Here are a few quick tips on what "10" can mean to you.

Points and Rank:

Last 2 Left games require at least 10 entries to qualify for the winner(s) to receive points. For games with 10 or more entries, the winner receives 4 points for every entry, or divided evenly if there are multiple winners. This makes games with 10 or more entries much more valuable. Therefore, seek out games with 10 or more entries to earn game points and boost your rank!


On your Scorecard (under Me), you will notice that we track the total number of games you win, as well as your winning percentage. To prevent abuse and to promote legitimate competition, we only count games with 10 or more entries. If you want to improve your scorecard with more wins, play games with 10 or more entries!


If you haven't noticed, we have a member-wide leaderboard that tracks top game performers. It can be found under Menu > Games > Leaderboard. We only include performances from games with 10 or more entries. To climb the Leaderboard for all to see, play games with 10 or more entries!

Manager Points:

If you create and manage a game, public or private, you can earn points. For every entry, you are awarded one point. However, your game must have 10 or more entries to begin receiving points. Promote your game, get 10 or more entries, earn points, and boost your rank!

Now you know the power of "10" and how it impacts your results and status within the Last 2 Left community. Be smart and get your games to 10!