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3 quick ways to boost your rank

If you didn't already know, your Last 2 Left Member Rank is based on the number of points you earn relative to other members. Your rank, the tier group to which you belong, and the direction you are trending are updated every Monday morning. So to improve your rank, you need more points.

Here are three tips on earning points fast and easily.

1. Complete your Profile

In exchange for creating a richer experience for our members, we will give you points for completing your Profile. On your "Me" screen, tap (or click) the orange gear icon to the right of your name. Under Profile, add an avatar, a background image, a little info about you, and a charity that you support. You'll earn a quick 22 points! This alone should get you out of the "Doghouse."

2. Invite Friends

The more members we have, the better the experience will be for everyone. So, we reward you for anyone that joins because of you. It's simple: Under Menu, find the Invite People item listed within the People heading. By tapping (or clicking) that link, you will be brought to a screen that gives you several easy ways to introduce your friends to Last 2 Left. Our system provides you with a unique link that is coded to track and credit you with new members. Introduce friends to Last 2 Left by email, your phone's contact list, or just by copying the special link into your social channels. The more, the better! Nothing else for you to do. For every new member, you receive 2 points. It's an easy way to earn a lot of points fast with very little effort!

3. Make Connections

A connected membership is a better membership. In Last 2 Left, Connections are approved by both members and allow you to easily invite members, or get invited by members, to games. In the future, there will be even more benefits. We reward the act of connecting in that both members get a point per connection. Simply visit a Member's screen, tap (or click) on the Connect button and request to connect. You may also want to use the Find People tool under Menu to get started. Once the member approves, you'll be alerted to the new connection and points earned. So simple and so useful. Start connecting!!!

You can track all the activities in which you have earned points on the "Me" screen under Rankings. Of course, playing games is always a great option too. Good luck earning points and boosting your rank!