Last 2 Left News

Version 1.1.4 released - See what's new!

Yesterday, new versions of the iPhone app and the website were released. Here's what we added:

Last week's rank and movement:

On a member's Ranking screen, you will now notice that the Ranking # and Tier group have been moved to the left. In their place is new data that shows week over week movement of ranking positions and last week's rank. Every Monday when rankings are updated, this will show you a bit more information and context.

Improved game creation:

There was a little confusion around maximum number of entries per game and maximum number of entries per person. So now when you're creating a game, you will see:

  • Maximum number of people (allowed in the game)
  • Maximum number of entries per person (3)


The system will automatically do the math for the total number of entries allowed in a game and display on the Available Games lists. We also added a default of 50 people per game with 1 entry each to make setup faster. These can be changed.

Game Manager visibility:

The Game Manager's avatar, fun name and optional message will now appear within a game on the Join screen, My Picks screen and Rules screen. We wanted to make it easier to see whose game you were playing and their special notes.

Improved App auto-login:

We've improved the auto login of the app for better stability of logging you in on repeat launching of the app.

More Sports and Fall Reality TV games:

We added a first time game: Premier League Soccer for all you English soccer fans. Additionally we have added all the 2016-17 major sports seasons: NFL, NCAA Football, NBA and NHL. We also added the Fall reality TV shows with more to come.


We hope you enjoy these upgrades. Please send any feedback, requests or suggestions through our Request Help form. Please introduce your friends to Last 2 Left!!!